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Craig A. Parker

Phone: (301) 917-2510
Fax: (301) 917-2560
Craig A. Parker is the founding member of Parker, Simon & Kokolis, LLC and Gemini Title & Escrow, LLC.  Mr. Parker first established the Law Offices of Craig A. Parker, LLC in 2002, and the firm has experience significant growth since its i… Read More
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Michelle J. Simon

Phone: (301) 917-2511
Fax: (301) 917-2561
Michelle J. Simon is a Partner in the firm and has been with Parker, Simon & Kokolis, LLC since its inception. Ms. Simon’s practice focuses on residential real estate transactions, in the past three years, almost exclusively centered a… Read More
Michelle's Practice Areas:  Real Estate
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Thomas J. Kokolis

Phone: (301) 917-2509
Fax: (301) 917-2559
Thomas J. Kokolis is a Partner in the firm and manages the firm’s high volume litigation practice and is well versed in all aspects of the firm’s practice areas. Mr. Kokolis originally joined the practice in 2005 and has established the firm as… Read More
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Heba K. Carter

Phone: (301) 917-2521
Fax: (301) 917-2571
Heba K. Carter joined Parker, Simon & Kokolis as an associate in 2015 to handle Virginia matters and litigation. Before joining the firm, Mrs. Carter clerked for the Virginia Court of Appeals for Judge Stephen R. McCullough right after graduatin… Read More
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Jacob W. Deaven

Phone: (240) 479-2061
Fax: (240) 479-2031
Jacob W. Deaven joined Parker, Simon & Kokolis, LLC as an associate in 2017 to work on the firm’s high volume estate administration practice. A majority of Mr. Deaven’s practice involves serving as personal representative on behalf of an esta… Read More
Jacob's Practice Areas:  Estate & Probate
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Katrina M. Brown

Phone: (301) 917-2528
Fax: (301) 917-2578
Katrina M. Brown joined Parker, Simon & Kokolis, LLC as an associate in 2017 and primarily handles real estate and creditor’s rights matters. In the ten years immediately prior to joining the firm, Ms. Brown worked for the firm’s affiliated t… Read More
Katrina's Practice Areas:  Real Estate, Estate & Probate, Creditor Representation
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Pierre G. Zalzal

Phone: (240) 479-2052
Fax: (240) 479-2022
Pierre G. Zalzal joined Parker, Simon & Kokolis as an associate in 2018 to handle Maryland matters and litigation. Before joining the firm, Mr. Zalzal clerked for Judge Krystal Quinn Alves in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, Maryla… Read More
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