Criminal Defense

Misdemeanor and Traffic Charge Defense in Maryland and Virginia

If you are facing misdemeanor criminal or traffic charges in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the criminal defense attorneys of Parker, Simon & Kokolis, LLC can help.  We are committed to excellence and pursuing an aggressive defense to any charges you may be facing. We understand the expense and stress of missing work because of time in custody, and negative consequences that affect your family and your work environment as a result of these charges.

The criminal system can be a complicated and confusing arena. Our experienced attorneys can help you to better understand the process and work with prosecutors in an effort to obtain the best possible results.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys

Virginia criminal defense attorney Heba K. Carter, Esq. previously clerked for an appellate judge on the Virginia Court of Appeals handling almost exclusively criminal appeals.  As a result of her experience, she possesses unique insight on the court’s view of your case.  Ms. Carter also devotes countless hours to providing pro bono representation as court appointed counsel on criminal matters across northern Virginia.

We are devoted to each client and will give you the personal attention you need to navigate the complex legal system.

Free Consultation on Misdemeanor Defense and Traffic Charges

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Attorneys:  Heba K. Carter

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