Landlord Representation

Do you own an investment property? Do you have a tenant who is unable to meet monthly rental obligations? Parker, Simon & Kokolis, LLC provides representation to clients who lease their commercial and residential investment properties in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia. Our practice focuses on representing new and experienced real estate investors in need of eviction assistance. If your tenant fails to pay the rent or breaches a covenant of their lease agreement, our firm will work with the tenant in an effort to reinstate the lease. In some cases, however, a tenant may be unwilling or unable to comply with the lease and an eviction proceeding is inevitable. Our experienced team of attorneys is able to navigate the landlord tenant dockets in each of our jurisdictions, so that our clients can obtain possession of their property quickly.

Additionally, Parker, Simon & Kokolis, LLC provides assistance to foreclosure purchasers who purchase an occupied property at auction. We are extremely familiar with foreclosure procedure in all three of our jurisdictions, and we can provide guidance and insight to a foreclosure purchaser who is seeking possession of the property that they recently purchased.

Besides eviction representation, Parker, Simon & Kokolis, LLC advises and counsels clients on leasing real estate, and our attorneys prepare commercial and residential lease agreements that fit your needs.

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